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Rugby is played by two teams of 15 players, over two 40 minute periods, to win the team has to score more points than the other team. You can run with the ball, kick it and pass it, but passing forwards is not allowed. Rugby union is a contact sport, so you can tackle an opponent in order to get the ball, as long as you stay within the rules. There is a referee, aided by two touch judges (one on each side of the pitch), to decide how the rules should be applied during a game.

There are several ways to score points.
A try - five points are awarded for touching the ball down in your opponent's goal area.
A conversion - two points are added for a successful kick through the goalposts after a try
A goal kick - three points are awarded for a penalty kick or drop goal through the posts
If both teams score the same amount of points, or no points are scored, then the match is a draw. In some cases, extra time is played to decide who wins.

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